Sasse to Earn More Than $1 Million Annually as Florida President

Ben Sasse is in line to receive a big raise in his new job: from less than $200,000 as a Republican senator from Nebraska to more than $1 million as president of the University of Florida.

Sasse—who is expected to be formally approved by the Florida Board of Governors at a meeting today—is set to make an annual base salary of $1 million, according to a copy of the proposed contract posted with the meeting agenda. With incentives, Sasse could make up to $1.35 million in his first year on the job.

Sasse was approved unanimously as president last week by the University of Florida’s Board of Trustees—including a student and faculty representative—despite strong objections to his candidacy that have prompted protests related to his politics, particularly his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Sasse has pledged “political celibacy” if confirmed to the Florida presidential post.

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